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Bahia Principe, committed to the cleanliness of our beaches

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International Day of Clean Beaches
Travelling is an absolutely enriching experience. It allows us to get to know other places and get in touch with cultures different from our own. But our trips can not become a burden on the destinations we visit. In Bahia Principe we are very aware of all this and for years we have developed an intense sustainability policy, which includes actions such as active participation in the International Day of Clean Beaches.

We want our planet to remain this wonderful place in which to enjoy unique and wonderful experiences, whether on beaches, mountains or cities. To achieve this, we need the environment and the environment needs us.

With this idea in mind, since 2003 we have organised a conference in which we invited our team members from several hotels, as well as travellers who wish to spend a day looking after the beaches, getting rid of the rubbish and leaving them more beautiful.

We believe that it is essential to be aware of the negative impact that some of our actions we have on the seas and on the beaches, either by carelessness or in some cases deliberately.

And like everything we do in Bahia Principe, these days are not an obligatory chore but rather a fun event in which we can meet other people who live in our holiday destination, while we do something positive for the environment.

International Day of Clean Beaches

We organise the equipment for the collection of waste and reward those who have collected the most. Of course, after all the hard work the day ends with a barbecue prepared by the fabulous chefs of our hotels on the respective beaches that, of course are perfectly clean after this meeting.

But in addition to conserving the rich biodiversity that surrounds our hotels, our commitment to Sustainable Tourism does not end there. At Bahia Principe we take special care in the use of resources such as water or energy, while also ensuring that those environments in which our hotels are located are not affected by our activity.

Join our challenge to make our planet an even cleaner place. We ask you to make some small changes on your next holiday in order to help make our impact on the environment as small as possible. Because together we can do it, thank you very much for working with us!

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