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A taste of Dominican Culture

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Part of the rhythm of Cayo Levantado Resort stems from the Dominican culture: full of energy, warmth and joy … but also imbued with sophistication and the avant-garde. A team of emerging local talent is working to give life to the architecture, the interior design and the gastronomic proposal of this major project.


Cayo Levantado Resort seeks to foster emerging local talent to bring life to this great project. As far as cuisine is concerned, the aim is to honour the diversity of produce in the country. As Pedro Mota and Carlos Romero from the PAC Group rightly comment. The hidden rhythm in this project is the very rhythm of the island and the Dominican Republic, the essence of a unique and special culture. Guests will feel as though they are sampling a part of every region of the country. Traditional cuisine has endured through the ages.

Dominican cuisine

The quality of Dominican food is well known, with much emphasis placed on traditional dishes and their roots in the culture of the country. Typical Dominican cuisine is a fusion of mouth-watering flavours. The Dominican Republic offers an interesting combination of dishes, blending local cuisine and the influence of various cultures and, thanks to the younger generations, they evolve over time. 

So, if you want to enjoy an authentic experience which pays tribute to the Dominican Republic, discover the hidden rhythm: 

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