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9 things you should not forget before traveling to the Caribbean

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You already have your ticket to the Caribbean and you are simply counting down the days until you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation, but now you have to think about what you have to pack in your suitcase. At Bahia Principe we give you some tips so you do not forget anything important for your trip to the Caribbean. Are you are ready?

Do you have your passport in order?
Check that you have in order the documentation necessary to enter the Caribbean countries, here the passport is usually sufficient, although make sure that it is valid for a minimum of 6 months after the trip. If you find that yours has expired then go to the nearest passport acceptance facility and find out what you have to do to renew it urgently.

Euros, dollars, pesos…What currency to use at your destination?
In these countries, in addition to using the local currency, you can usually pay in euros or dollars, including the tourist card that you will have to acquire in some of them as soon as you land. It is worth taking a look at the exchange rate before you travel, in order to choose which currency will give you the better conversion rate when buying or changing money.

Should I take medicine?
It is advisable to take a small first aid kit with the most basic medicines, such as painkillers, anti-fever drugs or medicine for stomach problems (although rare, a change in the diet can take its toll on delicate stomachs). These medicines can also be purchased at your destination, but generally at a much higher price.

Not without my cell phone…. But will it work?
Yes, your mobile will be able to work, but only when you activate the roaming service. Check with your telephone operator to find out how. Just be careful with data usage as it can cause your next bill to be quite a shock. It is best to go to a hotel or resort in which the services include free Wi-Fi, like those Bahia Principe hotels in the Caribbean with free Wi-Fi.

What if I lose my suitcase on the flight?
To avoid surprises and inconveniences it is best to prepare your hand luggage with anything that is essential and you cannot be without for one or two days. Also do not forget some music, reading material or games to enjoy while on the flight (this is especially important if you are traveling with children, in order to reduce the number of times you are asked “how long until we get there?”).

When the sun heats up….
Surely you want to enjoy the Caribbean sun? If so then something that you have to pack in your suitcase is a high factor biodegradable sun creams, as well as an aftersun to make sure that the tan that you acquire doesn’t disappear.

Prevention is better
Do not forget a mosquito repellent, especially for your excursions, since there are usually no insects in the hotel. Also if you are prone to being bitten then bring some cream to reduce the discomfort caused by the bites.

And what clothes do I take to the Caribbean?

Well cool and light colors, because there the temperature is warm all year round. Keep in mind that in addition to spending time at the resort you can do numerous excursions, so bring clothes and footwear that is also suitable for these types of activities, and don’t forget a cap or hat. For those special nights, do not forget a pair of long pants and some closed shoes, in the Caribbean resorts there is usually a certain dress code in some of the finer restaurants.

Anything else?
Yes, of course. Bring with you your best smile and all your happiness and have fun like never before in one of the most enviable destinations: the fascinating Caribbean.


  • Mary Billman

    I will be arriving at Bahia Tulum on Friday January 12.My husband gave me this vacation as a gift for my birthday on January 14th. We are so excited!

  • Eveline

    We will be arriving on 24th for a family reunion. We are all looking forward to this and enjoying the hotel’s hospitality.

    • Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

      Hello Eveline!
      Thank you very much for your comment. We assure you that you and your family will enjoy the hotel and all the activities that the entertainment team has prepared. We hope you enjoy the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts experience.

      Have a great day,

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