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7 light meals to try in Majorca

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We love the Mediterranean, want to know why? Because we love sitting down at a table and trying new food under the sun; because improvised toasts are better when they come with a plate of food to celebrate unforgettable moments together and because at our hotels in Majorca you will enjoy gorgeous sunsets from our exclusive terraces. But most importantly, because we want you to explore this island, one bite at a time.

Whether you visit the restaurants at our hotel in Majorca, or the wide variety of ones that serve traditional cuisine all around the island, we present 7 must-try light meals to try on your holiday to Majorca.

    1. Trampó. This is a delicious salad and one of Majorca’s healthiest meals. Trampó is made on a base of red peppers, green peppers and onions and is the base of a “Payesa” salad, to which you add potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and fresh tomatoes. This light meal is the ideal starter to enjoy with delicious arroz colladet (paella).

    2. Arroz colladet. This is a special paella that is cooked on a low heat with cuttlefish, spicy red peppers, garlic, fish stock and squid ink. This delicious dish will become your new favourite main course which is normally enjoyed on the seafront.

    3. Esqueixada de bacalao. This is another one of our favourite salads and one of the most popular on the island. This light meal is normally served as a main course, or in some restaurants, tapas, and is made from cod, green and red peppers, tomatoes and green beans. This salad is very typical to have in the Balearic Islands and it actually originates from Formentera, where it is served with stale bread.

    4. Pa amb oli. This is the most popular dish in the Mediterranean and a must if you want to further explore Majorca’s rich culture. This is an easy dish to make and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add olive oil, tomato and a typical Majorcan topping on two slices of bread. This can be either camaiot, sobrasada, cheese or ham. We guarantee you will love this delicacy.

    5. Coca de Trampó. This starter has a lot of character. The base is made from flour and eggs and then the trampó salad is added, along with tuna, meat, sobrasada (pork pâté) or vegetables. Although this is a typical Majorcan dish, you can also find this in Valencia and Catalonia.

    6. Tumbet. You can enjoy this vegetarian dish in both winter and summer and it is made from seasonal vegetables, aubergine, potatoes, tomato purée, oil, garlic and salt.

    7. Cardenal. This is one of Majorca’s most popular and delicious desserts. This rich creamy dessert comes from Lloseta and is usually served with almond or vanilla ice cream, making it a treat for your tastebuds. You should not leave the island without trying this delicious treat.

    Majorca is a paradise for relaxing holidays due to the gentle rhythm of its waves, in addition to its many events, fairs and popular celebrations that always come accompanied by a vast array of culinary delicacies that are must-tries in summer. Don’t miss out!

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