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6 advantages of traveling to the Caribbean in autumn

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You haven’t decided yet what month you’ll be going on vacation, but you have one thing clear: you want sea, beach and sun. Here are six reasons for you to travel to the Caribbean in autumn and discover the best beaches.

Traveling and saving money is possible
Many times being able to make a trip, especially to a destination like the Caribbean, seems to be an unattainable dream…. but if you decide to go in September or October you will find affordable travel deals, plus you can save money!

Far away from the masses
You will enjoy the same idyllic beaches but in a more exclusive, intimate way. Unlike other popular months, hotels, restaurants and excursions will be far more relaxed. Say goodbye to the crowds.

He who laughs last, laughs best
Everybody’s heading back, while you’re just getting started…. while your colleagues are getting back to work, you’ve just left it all far, far behind! It’ll be like living a double summer – one in August, enjoying the quietude of your city while everyone’s away, and another one in September, where you’re chilling out by the pool or enjoying the beach.

Travel companions with a reggae beat
In, your destination you’ re likely to encounter another type of tourism, which seeks the same thing as you: to escape from the crowds. Everything happens at a more relaxed pace, from when you leave home and arrive at the airport until you return. In addition, kids will be back at school, which means that you will generally be among other adults.

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Brag about the longest summer
While those who stay behind start thinking about wearing long sleeves and losing their tan, you pick up your sarongs, sunscreen and hat and continue working on yours – in the middle of autumn!

The weather
You’ll find a very pleasant climate, with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 65ºF to maximums of 90ºF (average: 80.6ºF), so you won’t have to worry about the stifling summer heat.

Also, you can book now and benefit from special promotions. You don’t have to wait for last-minute offers, or keep checking for the lowest price up to the time of your departure. Forget all your worries, plan now and travel later!

Did you know that September 27 is the day of tourism? celebrate this day doing what you want the most (and for a long time), planning your next vacation 🙂

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