Qué comer en la Riviera Maya
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How many different ways can you eat nachos?

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Comer nachos en Riviera Maya

You think of them and your mouth begins to water. How can you resist their unique flavour? It does not matter when we eat them: for lunch, dinner or as a snack; we’ll always finish them off! We enjoy nachos on a day-to-day basis and normally combine them with rich guacamole and spicy salsa. If not like this then with cheese, meat, mayonnaise and beans… It’s true that we love nachos and so, with this in mind, we are going to let you in on all the ways you can enjoy this Mexican delicacy on your next holiday to the Riviera Maya.

    1. With different kinds of guacamole. We have all tried guacamole but have you ever thought of trying a different kind on your trip to the Riviera Maya? Try guacamole with green peppers, lemon juice and parsley, making the sauce more refreshing.

    2. With spinach sauce. This is a very light and nutritious sauce that is a healthier take on nachos.

    3. Sauce nachos. So you do not miss out on a thing… The 3-sauce nachos consist of normal guacamole, tasty melted cheese, pico de gallo, red onion, tomatoes and coriander.

    4. With jalapeños. These are something you cannot miss on your holiday if you like spicy food and are simple enough that you can make them at home with the help of an easy nachos with jalapeños recipe that includes green chilis, parmesan cheese, cream cheese and leeks. Absolutely delicious!

    5. Nachos with chili. This is another absolute must-try. It is made similarly to the abovementioned dish but you also add spicy meat mixed with chili and melted cheese.

    Qué comer en la Riviera Maya

    6. Nachos al pastor. This is the star of Mexican cuisine. It is made from shredded beef and is an alternative to the tacos version.

    7. Vegan nachos. This is a very healthy alternative for those who do not eat meat. This dish is served with Mexican beans, along with practically any kind of vegetables, such as: tomatoes, peppers, carrot, avocado and onion…

    8. Chicken enchilada nachos. These are delicious nachos with peppers, spicy sauce, cream, shredded cheese, onions and corn. This is a treat for your tastebuds.

    9. Nachos balls. Do you want to try something truly different? This is the latest food trend in Mexico. Nacho balls with cheese are made from crushed nachos made into croquettes with cream cheese. You won’t find this starter anywhere else.

    10. Mexican nachos. This is Mexico in a dish: unbeatable, authentic and something you will always be up for eating. These nachos will always make you think of your fun and relaxing stay in the Caribbean. They consist of corn, mayonnaise, cream, cheese, pepper, onions, peppers and slices of lemon for your own preference. These are great for any occasion and you won’t be able to stop eating them!

Treat yourself to the most delicious food on your all-inclusive holiday and enjoy every single nachos dish. Can you think of any other ways to eat them?

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