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What are the health benefits of playing golf?

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Playing golf in the Caribbean is a truly enjoyable experience. Not just because you are on holiday but also because this destination boasts a number of large golf courses to provide truly unique experiences. Golf is a sport that people play to relax and switch off from everything. Whether you are a true green lover or wish to test your abilities, we guarantee that you will be captivated by this enjoyable sport.

If you are planning to play golf in La Romana during your holiday, below you will discover why this sport is very beneficial for your health and why we encourage you to practice it, at least once in your life.

  • Mind and body balance. Golf requires a lot of concentration which is very good for reducing stress and helping you to unwind. Playing outdoors helps you reconnect with nature, which is very good for your wellbeing.
  • Tone up. Golf works the arms, back, chest and stomach muscles, toning them up and, in turn, making them stronger, more agile and more flexible.
  • Prevents osteoporosis. As this sport works the bones and muscles, this sport is one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis. In addition, walking from one hole to another activates the locomotor system, thus reviving the joints.
  • Improves circulation and prevents heart illness’. Being constantly active, whether through walking, hitting the ball or simply focusing on the hole, works all the body whilst activating the blood vessels.
  • Qué hacer en el Caribe

  • Improves concentration. As we have already mentioned, golf requires a lot of concentration and strategy. The winner is not the one who hits best, but the one who plans his or her strategy with great care. For this reason, mental agility plays an important role in this sport.
  • All ages are welcome. As it is a low-impact sport, golf is ideal for both children and adults, and, in fact, it is very beneficial for those who become easily frustrated; creates a desire to excel, strengthens family bonds, develops patience and comes with many other benefits.
  • A great way to lose weight. Although it seems like a very relaxing sport, you will find that you are constantly burning calories whilst playing golf, whether it is when you are carrying your clubs or going from hole to hole on foot.
  • Improves emotional health. Golf is a very stress-relieving sport that is played on the green and helps restore a sense of serenity and wellbeing to all who play it.
  • Play this sport in a unique setting, nearby the spectacular Caribbean Sea at our golf club in La Romana. And if you are new to golf, you can learn all the secrets at our beginner’s schools at the Bahia Principe Golf Academy. Discover this enjoyable sport in one of the most beautiful settings in the Dominican Republic.

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