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The Rhythm Of Nature

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The Caribbean is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. In terms of marine biodiversity, the conditions here are special thanks to the water temperature,
salinity, depth, and turbidity. In our land ecosystems, mangrove swamps extend along numerous sections of coastline, as well as reservoirs, forests, desert formations, and more.

This new project at Cayo Levantado Resort will invite guests to discover the other rhythm of the Dominican Republic, the “Hidden Rhythm.” An experience that brings the concept to life and in turn inspired the renovation of the resort, which will be based on three pillars of sustainability. One is the Environment. This idea is based on sustainability at all levels, and the environmental focus is one of the pillars of the project’s development.

One of the ideas we’re after is for the island to be self-sufficient. One of the requirements is to work on renewable energies, such as solar panels, heat recovery, and a significant portion of waste management. The ultimate goal is to use a biodigester to process the organic waste on the island, and therefore be able to make use of all of the island’s waste.

Hidden Rhythm at Cayo Levantado Resort

At Cayo Levantado Resort there will be many things you see, and others you do not. Thus the idea of a “Hidden Rhythm.” There will be infrastructure for this project that guests do not see, such as the biodigester, and others they will, such as the landscapingwhich will be designed from a conservationist perspective. All will be designed to promote biodiversity and endemism. Guests will be able to enjoy nature and see species in their natural habitat. Only upon arrival at the island from the Simi Baez pier, guests will be able to see a picture of nature in its purest state of what their holiday at Cayo Levantado Resort will be like. 

How else could we connect with nature on such a deep level and allow its energy to permeate us? Discover the rhythm of nature with Pablo del Toro, technical environmental advisor at Grupo Piñero:

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