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Sacred Mayan Journey: A legacy that goes beyond time

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Every year for the last 8, recreates one of the oldest traditions of the Mayan culture; the pilgrimage that every year, the Maya performed in canoes paddling towards the island of Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel, goddess of fertility, health, water, vegetation, painting and weaving, with offerings and in search of her divine message.

More than a thousand years ago in the Mayan world, the ancient civilization performed annual rituals, which began days prior with the market known as Kii’wik, site in which different products for the “goddess offer”.

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They were holidays where brave oarsmen prepared for the sacred crossing to bring forth the offerings for the goddess and redeem their favors for their people.

At the first Journey, the canoes were made by hatchet blow with pich and poppy trees, weighed 700 kg; currently they are manufacture of fibreglass for 10 people and weight 350 to 400 kg, making them lighter and stable.

6 months of prior training in 4 different venues, Cozumel, Cancun, Xcaret Park and Xel-Ha Park.

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Canoes patiently await the warriors to be ready to be shipped.

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Already physically ready, canoes are taken into the sea; always training for the unexpected. In this eighth Sacred Mayan Journey, oarsmen prepare for their big day, paddling with faith in their peers and themselves, reviving this ancient tradition. Rowing for several hours will help to see how strength and resistance the training was and what should be improved; it is a little test for the oarsmen to measure themselves before the big day.

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After six months of arduous training, more than 300 oarsmen volunteers will cross the open sea from Xcaret to Cozumel departing this May 23rd. They will then return the same route back to Xcaret on May 24th, keeping alive–with every stroke of the water–the legacy of the great Mayans.

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Today, you have the opportunity to travel into the past and witness a marvellous ancient tradition; do not miss this wonderful experience on your visit to the Riviera Maya.

Enjoy this great cultural event accompanied by music, dance and the valiant efforts of the oarsmen in Xcaret.

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