Gypset Girl
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“Gypset”, the new way of travelling that everybody wants to try

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Gypset Girl
Do you know what it means to be a Gypsetter? No, we have not invented the word. It is actually quite trendy right now. Maybe you know one or maybe you are one and you just do not know it yet. The laidback lifestyle of hippies is full of colour and glamorous experiences in luxury destinations. Or, in other words, it means taking on a bohemian approach to life but with a touch of elegance.

To be a Gypsetter means to be constantly seeking new experiences and places in which to meet new people. This new form of travelling allows you to make the most of every trip, discovering the very essence of every destination without missing out on the luxury you dream of. In order to do this, you surround yourself with nature and take part in every activity the place has to offer, visiting exclusive cafes and establishments.

Imagine being in a Treasure destination, surrounded by wild nature. Gypsetters love discovering new natural landscapes in which to relax and meditate away from civilisation. With their boho chic personas, they love untouched destinations that are surrounded by nature. From organic restaurants located in the midsts of lush greenery that use fresh products in their recipes and provide cushions and blankets to use on the beach, to using natural resources in order to get electricity and hot water.

Do you know what the slow life is? This is the ultimate philosophy of Gypsetting. This is about leading an easy and lifestyle in order to be happier, a lot happier in fact. The slow lifestyle is about living in the present, also referred to as mindfulness, to reduce stress and lead a healthier lifestyle. This is the same with food. Gypsetters love healthy and organic food and they eat a lot of vegetables that are in season. They also visit restaurants that offer organic food.

Want to become a Gypsetter? Discovering vast stretches or natural landscapes and immersing yourself into the culture and mentality of every place you visit? Want to know something? We guarantee that the Riviera Maya will become one of your favourite places. Become part of the Gypsetting movement and enjoy being at one with nature on your holiday. Be careful though as it is very additive!

Gypset Bahia Principe

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