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Day of the Dead: memories and traditions at the Riviera Maya

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Día de los muertos
Colors, candles and skulls. The Riviera Maya is filled with decorations and activities to celebrate the Day of the Dead, a celebration that we remember people who are no longer with us with a visual and gastronomic show that despite being a rather melancholy subject, has an air of joy and celebration. It is also the perfect excuse to look for your hotel in Riviera Maya and enjoy the most traditional Mexico.

Between October 31 and November 2, the Riviera Maya hosts and celebrates the souls who have already left this world, as the inhabitants of the pre-Hispanic period of Mexico did, for whom death was tragic but an inevitable part of the cycle of nature.

After the arrival of the conquerors this custom was moved from around the month of August, when the Mayas originally celebrated it until November, when the Catholic religion celebrated All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead.

The presence of Mexican skulls throughout the celebration, whether painted on the face or worn as a mask, attracts attention because they are painted with the most vivid colors imaginable, giving a sad feeling to this unique party.

But the element that most visitors enjoy is the gastronomic one. According to ancestral traditions, the dead who return to the world of the living also share the need to eat, and so their families prepare the foods they liked the most when they were still alive. This offering of food to the dead is also called Hanal Pixán, which means ‘food of the souls’ in the Mayan language.

Altar día de los muertos

These are the best days to stay at a resort in the Riviera Maya and enjoy some of the delights like the bread of death, candied squash, tamales, mole with chicken or the sweet skulls made of sugar. Typical dishes that were those favored by the now deceased.

The delicious Mexican gastronomy is also joined by the colors of the flowers with which they decorate the altars in which the deceased are remembered, among which the Marigold flower stands out, a lively orange color that adds poignancy to the celebration.

Water and candles are also important elements in these days of remembrance. The first quenches the thirst of the deceased after the long journey from the world of the dead, and the second is in order not to get lost on his journey to the world of the living, while also being able to return to the world of the dead.

The Day of the Dead celebrations are just one of the many wonders that the Riviera Maya has to offer. Plan your trip to Riviera Maya, take a look at the hotels on offer in Riviera Maya and prepare for your All Inclusive vacation at a wonderful resort in the Caribbean where you don’t need to worry and just enjoy the most incredible experience by the sea.

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