Easter holidays in the Riviera Maya
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5 curious facts about Easter in the Riviera Maya

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Easter holidays in the Riviera Maya
Do you know what the best thing is about spending your Easter holidays in the Riviera Maya? That you will be able to witness Mexico’s rich culture first-hand.This country on the Caribbean coast is home to endless traditions and customs which you will be able to explore on your next all-inclusive trip to the Riviera Maya. We want you to enjoy these eagerly-awaited holidays to the fullest. With this being said, below you will discover 5 curious facts about Easter in the Riviera Maya.

1. One of its most important traditions. Mexico is known for being a country that celebrates its most important dates in a very special way. With this being said, Easter, in addition to the Day of the Dead, is one of the countries most celebrated holidays. Do you know what makes it so special? The cultural mix between Catholic symbolism and the Pagan customs that are are still upheld in this country.

2. A dynamic celebration. Mexican people are very strict with their Easter traditions. Altars displaying the Virgin Mary can be seen in practically every city and village. People wear masks and there are many religious figures represented in the celebration, such as: in the “burning of Judas”, where they burn the symbolic figures (made from paper maché) of Judas Iscariote, the Devil and other associated persons.

3. Palm Sunday and Stations of the Cross. If you want to be in the midsts of it all then we suggest watching the Palm Sunday and Stations of the Cross processions as here they are considered the best in the country. Religious representations, flowers, artisan products… The surprises are endless!

4. Great cultural heritage. Here the custom is for a representative to dress up as the devil and terrorise the people in the main areas of the city whilst “Christ” pursues him (a figure who represents Jesus when he was a child). Another custom is to knock the trees on Holy Saturday so they provide good fruit for the rest of the year. There are endless activities for children and adults, sport contests, workshops, storytelling and outdoor markets taking place all over the city…

5. Gastronomy. The best time to enjoy Mexico’s most delicious dishes is during these Easter holidays. The main dishes offered during this time are: Caridea shrimp, flor de calabaza (squash blossom), beans, tortillas and a wide range of fish. Try the delicious romeritos (sprigs of seepweed), mint bean soup, stuffed chillies and entomatadas (folded corn tortillas). We guarantee you will love every dish!

Gastronomy Riviera Maya

Immerse yourself in the tradition and exciting atmosphere of this celebration in the Riviera Maya and enjoy all-inclusive holidays in an unbelievable destination.

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