Dominican amber: a gem of the past

One of the things we think about when we visit an exotic place is which keepsake we can take home and keep with us forever. On your next trip to the Dominican Republic, we suggest asking around for Dominican amber, which is an authentic jewel of the island that hides a secret from the past.

The luxury of playing golf in the Caribbean sun

Finally the moment has arrived. It is now time to relax and disconnect from your daily routines. You have decided to go to the Caribbean but, what’s more, you have decided to enjoy yourself like never before playing golf in the Dominican Republic, one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Dominican Republic: delicious sensations for the palate

From the moment you step on the island the Dominican republic can totally wake up your senses. But if there is one sense that is affected more than any other in this country it is your sense of taste thanks to the delicious Dominican cuisine, the intensity of which means that every day is filled with unique sensations that you will want to repeat again and again on your vacation.

Plans for two in Samaná

You’re clear about it, this year you’re planning a spontaneous trip away with your partner, a trip just for you two so you can enjoy quality time together… alone. And where are you going to go? Undoubtedly to the Samaná peninsula, a romantic and exotic place with lush nature for an unforgettable trip to the Dominican Republic.