Discover the origin of the celebration: Day of the Dead

Day od Dead

The Spanish conquerors trying to convert Native Americans to Catholicism lift a Festival of Day of the Dead, held in the ninth month of the Aztec solar year (around August ), in early November so , to coincide with the Catholic holidays of all Saints Day and all Souls.

The celebration is held on two consecutive days, the 1st and 2nd of November, the first dedicated to children and the second to the adults.

Day of dead

This celebration is an internationally known and one of the most important holidays in the Mexican popular culture, while, it is protected by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site.

The altar of the dead is basic on this holiday because it is believed that the spirit of the dead, returns to live with the family, so it is placed their favourite food and drink, the photo of the deceased, bread of the dead, flowers, confetti, candles, sugar skulls and incense.

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