Bahia Principe, committed to the cleanliness of our beaches

Travelling is an absolutely enriching experience. It allows us to get to know other places and get in touch with cultures different from our own. But our trips can not become a burden on the destinations we visit. In Bahia Principe we are very aware of all this and for years we have developed an intense sustainability policy, which includes actions such as active participation in the International Day of Clean Beaches.

5 apps for a problem-free way to pack your suitcase

Work, home life, your partner, your children, stress… Your body is already eagerly awaiting these upcoming holidays but there’s one more thing: you may not have enough time to pack your suitcase. Do not worry as there are many apps available for you and your family to download on your mobile that will help you remember to pack all the essentials. We, at Bahia Principe, recommend you take a look at these 5 apps that will help you with your suitcase before setting off on your trip.