Day of the Dead: memories and traditions at the Riviera Maya

Colors, candles and skulls. The Riviera Maya is filled with decorations and activities to celebrate the Day of the Dead, a celebration that we remember people who are no longer with us with a visual and gastronomic show that despite being a rather melancholy subject, has an air of joy and celebration. It is also the perfect excuse to look for your hotel in Riviera Maya and enjoy the most traditional Mexico.

Did you know that Olivine and Magna are typical minerals of the Canary Islands?

The Olivine is a mineral that you can find on rocks of a volcanic origin. The Canary Islands, because of its volcanic origin, have a great abundance of this beautiful light green mineral…. When the volcanic Magna is crystalised on its process of cooling down, it is transformed into the Olivine. Due to their great beauty …

Connect with nature

For the World Environment Day celebration we would like to share with you some pieces of advices that will help establish a connection with nature and do our bit to help, on a daily basis, so that we have a greener planet.